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Definition: Financial Therapy

[ fi-nanshuh l ] [ theruh-pee ]

  1. Focuses on finding underlying behaviors that cause poor financial decisions and helps you avoid making the same decisions.
  2. Is more than just “therapy” and “finances” as separate units – it marries both to heal individuals and relationships by opening up barriers of communication thru self-understanding.


Buying a Home

Living Lucrum helped me through the stressful part of house buying. I wanted to give up because it was becoming too stressful, but LeeAnne reassured me that it was part of the process. With her help, I was able to purchase my home and pay off old debt before it went into collections.
— Gary


My husband and I were trying to retire early but didn’t know if we could. LeeAnne helped us realize that we had to work 2 more years to have enough money to live into retirement comfortably based on our goals to travel. At least now, we have an end date in mind.
— Mary

Starting a Business

I wanted to start a business but didn’t know how to manage the finances, Living Lucrum helped us create a budget. We know how much we need to save back for all monthly expenses, but also how much we should save for future assets and how much we could pay ourselves-
— Aaron

Who is this for?


Are you the protector of your family and handle the majority of financial decisions? It can be more tiring than you let on managing the burden of your finances on your own. Not to mention the anxiety your partner may feel (and not tell you) if you make those decisions without her. Even the best athletes
in the world benefit from coaches. Often times, men associate managing their finances with masculinity. Noone wants to feel vulnerable by asking for help, but sometimes that is what makes us the strongest.


If finances are a source of stress for you, your family, or your relationship, keep reading. If the thought of even discussing finances with your partner makes your stomach churn, you are in the right place. Whether someone else is/has managed the finances or you are managing your own finances for the first time, you need a plan. Create your financial safety net in a friendly, empathetic way, and help your partner discover the stress that your finances could be causing in your relationship.

A brighter financial future…A better relationship…A more fulfilling life

A brighter financial future…A better relationship…A more fulfilling life

A brighter financial future…A better relationship…A more fulfilling life

A brighter financial future…A better relationship…A more fulfilling life

A brighter financial future…A better relationship…A more fulfilling life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you


Some of the problems that I may solve:

Marital disputes, overspending, budgeting, family planning, retirement, goal purchases (home, second home, big toys), college planning, estate planning (education), investment education, insurance planning, paying off, career planning. Financial Coaching – Financial planning – Retirement planning – Strategy planning – Budgeting – Goal setting – Big purchases – Credit repair – Credit education – Purchasing first home – Marital financial analysis – Financial therapy – Credit restoration – Divorce financial analysis – Insurance planning – Education planning – Balance sheets – Income/expense reports – Vacation planning – Medical planning – Business planning – Working with other professionals – Accountability – Estate planning – Real estate investing – Credit report evaluation – Elder Care Advice – Career Change Advice.

LeeAnne Chan Profile
Budget & Financial Planning

We will create a plan for your financial goals based on your values. We do this by organizing and analyzing your cash flow from the past 12 months to determine an accurate accounting of your spending habits so we can realistically set a plan to reach your goals in the most efficient way.

Financial Coaching

works with the client to help create financial goals based on their values, accountability to reaching those goals, and education in the best way to reach goals.

Financial therapy

For clients that have unresolved issues around financial behaviors that is causing problems in their financial lives.

Divorce Financial Analysis (Coming soon)

Times are tough, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your money while you are learning a new lifestyle. I will create a comprehensive analysis of your current combined financial wealth and then curate strategies for splitting this wealth that will save the most for both spouses.

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My Story

Hello, I am LeeAnne Chan and I created Living Lucrum, LLC for one sole purpose. To help you create your best financial life. I have started my career with a BS in Economics. I then continued towards my specialization as a Master’s Certified Family Financial Planner. I will finish the complete master’s program in Family Financial Planning and Financial Therapy in December 2020. In addition to my collegiate education, I am also a member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE), Financial Therapy Association (FTA), Financial Planners Association (FPA).

I wasn’t always this educated and confident in my abilities though. Before I became a coach and therapist, I struggled. I was in a marriage that was emotionally escalating dangerously fast. I didn’t think that I would be able to leave though because, after nearly 13 years, he finally broke me. I quit my job. I didn’t have any friends. I couldn’t go anywhere without it becoming a major fight. I couldn’t even spend my own money (when I had it) on bills without being accused of taking away from him and his needs. One day, I woke up and decided that I no longer wanted to live in this kind of fear. That is when I finally left. My children and I lost our home (we moved in with my parents ) and I couldn’t find employment for quite a while because it was in the middle of the great recession. My credit was ruined and I had nothing. This is the driving force behind my passion.

This is why I dedicated more than 10 years of my life educating myself. I want to help you not feel as vulnerable with your finances as I did.

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